US forces bring more military gear into Syria

US forces

Damascus, (Samajweekly) The US forces have sent 40 truckloads of military gear into Syria from Iraq, state-media reported.

The trucks, escorted on Thursday by US military vehicles when they entered from a crossing between Iraq and Syria, reached the “illegal” US bases in the countryside of the northeastern province of Hasakah, Xinhua news agency quoted a state-media report as saying.

Thousands of truckloads of US military gear have entered Syria through the illegal crossings on the Syria-Iraq border over the past months, the report added.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights also reported on the development on Thursday.

It said the shipment is the second to enter the war-torn country in August.

On August 5, the US brought in 30 truckloads of logistic and military equipment from its bases in Iraq to the countryside of Hasakah.