TRAI issues directions for tariff advertisements

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New Delhi, (Samajweekly) In a bid to bring more transparency in telecom tariff advertisements, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Friday issued fresh directions for advertisement of tariff plans by telecom operators.

In a circular, the telecom regulator said “telecom service providers shall prominently highlight the additional terms and conditions and shall also provide a link to the specific terms and conditions for each of the tariff offerings, wherever required, while disseminating tariff related information, including on their website and mobile applications”.

The telcos will highlight all the additional terms and conditions within 15 days from the issue of the direction.

The TRAI noted that the existing measures adopted by the telecom service providers are not as transparent as they should be, and that some of the telecom service providers are not prominently highlighting the additional terms and conditions and are also collating the conditions applicable to a single web page, wherein the relevant information either gets lost or becomes ambiguous and incomprehensible to consumers.

It said that after due consideration of the comments received from the stakeholders, it has arrived at a conclusion that the existing regulatory measures relating to tariff advertisements need to be revised.