Terms & Conditions

  1. Advertisements must conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice and must accurately reflect the product and or service being advertised.
  2. Advertisements should be inline with Samaj Weekly’s policies and ethos. As such certain types of advert and promotions may not be permitted within the magazine.
  3. The publication of an advertisement by the Samaj Weekly does not constitute endorsement of the advertiser, its products or services.
  4. Space reserved by an advertiser must be paid in full where the advertisement is not published due to an act or omission by the advertiser. This includes advert copy that arrives after publication dead-line date.
  5. Design Copy for your advertisement should be sent to us 5 days before the issue deadline date. If you have requested that your ad be designed by us, it is your responsibility to ensure that you give us the correct information about your business, i.e. contact details, prices, descriptions etc. prior to the copy deadline and you must proof-check your advert by the deadline date.
  6. The publisher reserves the right to publish the most appropriate copy should copy instructions not be received by the stipulated time.
  7. Payment for all advertisements is due on receipt of booking unless a credit account has been opened. Credit can be extended subject to satisfactory credit checks. Credit Account Invoices for display advertisements must be settled within 15 days of issue.
  8. Advertisements submitted to us should be in one of the following high resolution formats: PDF, JPEG, TIFF or PSD, with a minimum of 300 DPI resolution. They may be submitted by E-mail to info@samajweekly.com or sent to Samaj Weekly on a disc.
  9. We take no responsibility for the content of your advert. It is your responsibility to ensure that your advert is legal and copyright free. We cannot accept adverts which you do not have permission to copy, e.g. from a Yellow Pages advertisement.
  10. If you wish to use your advert in another publication you will be required to ask the permission of Samaj Weekly and you may incur a charge to cover licensing fees.
  11. There is a design fee for professional design of adverts carried out by Samaj Weekly as per the rate card, unless being offered complementary based on individual quotations.
  12. We reserve the right to refuse advertisements which may be defamatory or offensive or which promote products that may be considered offensive.
  13. We can make no guarantees that your advert will be successful; therefore we are unable to offer you a refund if you receive no response.
  14. When you book your advert, you are agreeing to pay the current advert price in advance or on a stipulated due date as mentioned on your invoice.
  15. All package rates are discounted on the basis that you pay monthly in advance. If payments are not made within these terms we reserve the right to re invoice you at the full rates prior to discount.
  16. In cases of overdue accounts, we will exercise our statutory rights under the late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998. In this respect, interest at the rate of 3% above base rate per 14-day period will be added.
  17. Neither the publisher or its contractors and sub-contractors shall be liable for any consequential loss arising from non-publication of advert or from any errors or omissions contained in published copy/advert.
  18. You are required to pay the amount in full unless you have made a special arrangement by Standing Order to pay separate instalments. For booking advertisements in FOUR, SIX, TWELVE, TWENTY-FOUR or more issues, you may choose to pay per monthly, quarter or in full. If you wish to cancel your Standing Order, you must inform Samaj Weekly before the next deadline date. Failure to do so may result in your advert being included in the following edition and you will be sent a separate invoice which you are required to pay for in full.
  19. If you wish to cancel your booking you must do so 7 days in advance of the copy deadline which will attract 25% cancellation charge based on your booking amount or invoice.
  20. If you have received discounts for a package deal then we will re invoice you the difference for the length of booking you have taken i.e. if you booked a 12 month package and cancel after 6 months then we will invoice you the difference between the 6 months and the 12 months package deal.
  21. Cancellation of the series at anytime will result in the forfeiture of the discount and may be charged retrospectively on any previous adverts which benefitted from the discount.
  22. Samaj Weekly will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by amendment, error, late publication or non-publication from any cause whatsoever.
  23. Samaj Weekly reserves the right to increase advertisement rates at any time or to amend the terms and conditions at any time.
  24. All claims made in advertisements must be capable of being supported by appropriate evidence and must be made available to Samaj Weekly upon request.
  25. By signing the booking form, you commit to the space reserved and agree to the terms and conditions of booking herewith.