Status of India Now- After 6 years of Modi Rule-John Dayal

John Dayal

(Samaj Weekly)

From John Dayal

I am getting lazy in lockdown. I could have done this myself between fried egg and coffee. But why waste a gem when it comes your way. Like this response from Sanket Yenagi, an advocate at the Supreme Court to a request by the paid BJP trolls to give NM a break since he is dealing with a lot of problems:.
Yes let’s please give him a break. A complete one:
1. India is now suffering from the Highest Unemployment Rate in 45 years (NSSO Data)
2. 22 out of 30 most polluted cities in the world are now in India (WHO Data)
3. Number of Indian Soldiers Martyred is highest in 30 years now
4. India now has the Highest Income Inequality in 80 years (Credit Suisse Report)
5. India has become the world’s worst country for women (Thomas Reuters Survey)
6. Lowest GDP since 2000
7. Kashmiri youth joining militancy is highest in 10 years (Indian Army Data)
8. Indian banks have lost 6,60,000 crore to bad loans since Modi Govt came to power
9. 23% rise in poverty
10. USCIRF has recommended placing India in “Country of particular concern” category.
11. Indians Farmers suffered Worst Price Crash in 18 years (WPI Data)
12. Highest ever Cow related violence and Mob Lynching’s on record after Modi became PM (India Spend Data)
13. India is now the World’s Second most Unequal Country (Global Wealth Report)
14. Indian Rupee is now Asia’s worst Performing Currency (Market Data)
15. India has become World’s Third Worst Country in Environment Protection (EPI 2018)
16. First time in the history of India, foreign funding and corruption is legalized (Finance Bill 2017)
17. Our current PM is the Least accountable Prime Minister in 70 years (First PM to give 0 press conferences)
No Need for Source, the whole world knows about it
18. First time in the history of India, CBI vs CBI, RBI vs Govt, SC vs Govt fights happened because Modi wanted control of all democratic Institutions
19. First time in the history of India, 4 Supreme Court judges gave a press conference to say ”Democracy is in Danger”
20. First time in the history of India, top-secret Defense documents stolen from the Defense Ministry office
21. Intolerance and Religious Extremism is highest in 70 years
22. Indian Media is now Worst in 70 years
23. India slips to 102nd rank out of 117 countries in Global hunger index, we are now behind our neighbours Pakistan,Bangladesh and Nepal.(Global hunger report 2019)
24. In a first, NCRB report had a criminal delay of 2 years. The crime report for 2017 was released quite recently with certain categories skewed.
25. IMF has raised concerns over our government’s data reporting norms, delays, India’s tax revenue estimates and GDP growth targets. Such data cook-ups amount to setting new precedents to any party who might rule us in the future.
26. India has witnessed sheer exploitation of power and criminalization of politics in:
-Ex BJP MLA Kuldeep Sengar’s case
-Ex BJP MP and minister Chinmayanand’s case
-Malegaon blast terror accused Pragya Thakur became BJP MP and was on parliamentary defense panel.
-DSP Devindar Singh’s case is of no hope for obvious reasons.
-Electoral bonds and anonymity of funding. Incidentally, BJP had received donation of 10 crores from a firm ‘RKW developers ltd’ that was being probed for terror funding by ED. (Source: BJP’s declaration in their EC filing.)
27. Election commission is completely compromised. Data discrepancy(347 seats) in 2019 LS polls and Election commissioner Ashok Lavasa & family getting grilled by ED thereafter.
28. Our PM’s birthday celebrations was set to jeopardise the safety of 32000 families in Malwa & Nimar regions of Madhya Pradesh.
29. On 20th 2019 march United Nations released new 2019 rankings for World Happiness Index 🇺🇳
India’s drastic fall under Modi continues..
2013 – Rank 117
2016 – Rank 118
2017 – Rank 122
2018 – Rank 133
2019 – Rank 140
Out of total 153 countries.
Happiness is ranked based on 6 variables :
– GDP per Capita
– Healthy Life Expectancy
– Freedom to make life choices
– Social support
– Generosity
– Perception of Corruption
Therefore, for the common man in India, things have been becoming worse in all these points. Pakistan is ranked much higher than us at 67. If the current rate continues, we will probably become World’s worst country in this regard before 2022. That is when Modi says #NewIndia will be achieved.
These are some of the points, leave aside, the effects of Demonetization, GST, Cleaning Ganga, Rafale Scam aside. More Importantly, the country’s harmony has been wrecked. If you speak anything against PM or the government, you are either Pakistani or Anti-National.
The worst governance, India has ever had in the last 70 years. Period.
The compilation by Sanket Yenagi would have been missed, bit for a friend in Bangalore who sent it to me.