Rhea Sharma: There’s comfort working with Ruslaan Mumtaz

Actress Rhea Sharma

Mumbai, (Samajweekly) Actress Rhea Sharma finds a comfort working with co-actor Ruslaan Mumtaz because they know each other well.

The two actors are co-stars in the daily soap, “Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke”.

The story of the soap has a lot of new twists and turns currently, and Ruslaan as Varun Soni is one of the new additions to the story.

Rhea had earlier worked with Ruslaan in an episode of “Laal Ishq”, and mentioned that knowing each other made it easier for them to work together.

“There’s a comfort working with him because we already know each other. Ruslaan is a very sweet guy, so whenever he is on set, it’s a lot more fun. And he has adjusted quite well with the whole team. The chemistry also comes out because there is no hesitation. And he is good friends with Shaheer (Sheikh) too. So the set environment is very chilled out,” she said.

The show recently returned after a long gap of three months. Rhea’s character Mishti is seen going through an emotional turmoil at the moment.

“Mishti (her character) was leading a very simple life before an incident happened. There was a guy who was trying to molest her, and in self-defence she ended up hitting his head with a rock. So, she is in this guilt. She gets panic attacks and is going through PTSD. It’s a very sensitive topic that she cannot share with her family,” said Rhea.

“Abir (Shaheer) is trying to protect her as much as he can, and is her only support system in this difficult time. This is something new for me as an actor, and will see Mishti in a new light. Although it’s a little challenging to portray this side of Mishti, it’s fun too. The feedback from the viewers is very overwhelming. So, we are glad that it’s working,” she claimed.