Police’s women patrol unit gets flak over scooty colour


New Delhi,  A 16-member women patrolling team, which was spotted in the streets of north-east Delhi, triggered a controversy on Thursday over gender stereotypes as the patrolling unit was assigned eight pink-coloured scooters for the task.

The twitter fumed over the new colour code, pink, for the women patrol. A user commented, “Why pink though? Is it because they’re women? Why the f… the scooty looks like a pink chess board? Simple Vespa would be enough.”

Another user posted, “Ah yes, give them bright pink vehicles which every criminal can easily recognize. Everyone knows that criminals are afraid of the color pink. Kudos @DelhiPolice, out of the box thinking saves the day.”

Yet another read, “#delhipolice Delhi women police petroling on pink scooty..different from men … but Y choose pink colour? Colour discrimination???.@DelhiPolice.”

“Is this pink-flowery equipment going to instil fear among criminals of Delhi? Why not give a Bullet to the women constables? At least it will force them to stay fit to handle its weight. This is sheer waste of money”, added another.