Perpetrators of Delhi riots being shielded: Congress

Senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, (Samajweekly) The Congress on Friday attacked the central government on the northeast Delhi riots investigation and alleged that perpetrators of the violence are being shielded.

“What is happening in Delhi today, those who were in fact the perpetrators of violence are being protected. We know that some policemen were actually breaking cameras so that those who are perpetrators of violence should be protected,” said former Union minister Kapil Sibal at a press conference.

He questioned the police’s conduct of entering Jamia and JNU.

“What happened in JNU? All those people who were found perpetrating violence, what happened? No case against them, no case against those who shouted ‘shoot the traitors’ and what happened thereafter?” said Sibal referring to the sloganeering by Union minister Anurag Thakur.

Sibal accused the police of slapping false charges on activists and claimed that “young people and innocent children, people who are in the university system, are being called to police stations and are intimidated and framed under UAPA if they did not fall in line or act as per police diktat.”

“I am getting information and I also have access to a lot of information. This is most unfortunate, I mean if our police force is becoming partial then what happens to the law and order situation in this country and the rule of law,” added Sibal.