New app on beds-ventilators availability in Delhi hospitals

 Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi, (Samajweekly) Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday said his government is developing a mobile app to give information on the availability of beds and ventilators in government hospitals here and it will be launched on Monday.

Speaking to the media, he said while the health infrastructure in Delhi has been strengthened, family members of coronavirus patients are still confused about where to take them for treatment.

“They are not sure about the beds and ventilators available in the hospitals. For the convenience of such people and to eliminate problems due to such issues, we are developing an app that will be launched on Monday,” he said.

The app will show data and status of beds and ventilators available in each and every hospital in Delhi.

“People who do not use smartphones can access this information on website that will also be created or call on the 1031 helpline.”

The Chief Minister said that while 8,500 new cases were reported in Delhi over the past 15 days, only 500 people were admitted in hospitals.

“Most people infected by corona are either asymptomatic or show mild symptoms like mild cough, cold, and fever. They can be treated at home. So, there is no need to panic because most people are recovering from the disease in their homes,” he added.

“It will be worrisome if people have to search for beds, health infrastructure, and facilities, oxygen etc. If these facilities remain inadequate, it will lead to an increase in the death rate,” he explained.

He said that the government is taking over hotels and oxygen concentrators and beds will be arranged there.

“On May 14, Delhi had 8,500 cases. There has been a two-fold surge in the cases with 17,000 cases in Delhi today. There were 1,600 patients in the hospitals in Delhi, and today, there are 2,100 patients in the hospitals,” he said.