K’taka Congress demands release of ‘innocents’ in B’luru riots

Karnataka's Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah

Bengaluru, (Samajweekly) Karnataka’s Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah on Saturday appealed to the state government to take immediate steps to release “innocents” who were arrested in connection with the Bengaluru riots.

Speaking after the Speaker allowed the discussion on the no-confidence motion here, Siddaramaiah asserted that “the Bengaluru police have arrested more than 400 persons in this connection and we all know that the police have picked up some innocents too. The Congress party is not arguing on behalf of accused persons, we are for the innocents. Let the police examine every possible evidence in this case and act impartially”.

Training his guns on the police department, he charged that the entire Bengaluru riots case is a clear case of the failure of police and intelligence department. “The police should have taken immediate steps to contain riots. When accused Naveen posted derogatory post in afternoon and when some Muslim leaders went to complain, the police should have taken immediate steps. Delayed action by the police itself is the main reason for the riots going out of control,” he argued.

Chiding the ruling party leaders, Siddaramaiah quipped that the state government which doesn’t get tired of thumping its chest about the police’s achievement, then why did it hand over the cases to the National Investigation Agency?

“Is the state government saying that the Karnataka police department is incapable of even investigating a riot in Bengaluru?” he questioned angrily.