Ivanka Trump boosts female empowerment in Morocco

Ivanka Trump

Rabat, Ivanka Trump has announced a set of female empowerment projects aimed at increasing women’s employability and economic autonomy in Morocco on Friday on the last day of her trip to the north African country.

The daughter and senior adviser on women’s issues to United States President Donald Trump arrived in Morocco on Noveber 6 for a three-day visit with Sean Cairncross, director of the American cooperation fund Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC).

“It has been an amazing visit, it’s hit all three pillars of the initiative (Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative).

“First, women in the workforce supporting them through vocational training and vocational education.

“Secondly helping women entrepreneurs thrive and thirdly ensuring that the enabling environment is conducive for both pillars one and two,” Trump said on a video posted to her Twitter page.

On Friday, Trump attended a ceremony in Rabat in which the MCC announced that it will allocate 6.2 million dollars to the beneficiaries of a program to prepare women to access the labour market.

Later, the US presidential advisor travelled to the city of Casablanca to visit an aeronautical training institute that received a grant from the MCC to promote vocational training.

On Thursday, Trump travelled to a town on the outskirts of Sidi Kacem (130 km east of Rabat) to meet female landowners where she championed the role of women to unlock the country’s economic growth and prosperity.

During the visit the MCC signed agreements with two institutions to assist some 56,000 farmers and their families to secure rights to the land, spanning almost 67,000 hectares of agricultural, they have been farming for generations, the organization said.

After joining the rural farmers, Trump returned to Rabat to meet with Moroccan President Saad Dine El Otmani and Foreign Minister Nasser Burita before attending a gala dinner offered by Princess Lalla Meryem, sister of King Mohamed VI.

Trump arrived at the dinner dressed in an elegant gold-coloured kaftan, which has been widely commented on on local media.

The outfit was by Moroccan designer Fadila el Gadi, who has been responsible for all the outfits US president’s daughter during her trip to north African country.

Trump’s trip to Morocco is to promote her WGDP initiative which aims to empower 50 million women to 2025.