(Samaj Weekly)

I lay awake
Thinking how to build
A better world
Can you make right
What is wrong
With a song?

I hear the voices crying out
To save the world
And a counter refrain
That the world can save itself
What about climate change
Fires burning, hurricanes roaring
And still some ask,
“What has changed?”
Men subjugating men
And we turn a blind eye
Yes, people are
Clamouring for change
But the words are lost
For those in power
Have become deaf
Prophets have come and gone
Still the world remains the same

Each person on this earth
Have to look inside
Their heart and soul
To find the beauty
And compassion
In one’s self
And that is the only way
We can save our humanity
And make the world
A better place

– Jayanta Guha

Saguenay, September 20, 2020