Hindutva movement is causing waves

Mitej Teji

(Samaj Weekly)- In the manner conditions are being created through Hindutva movement, nobody is safe because the protection given by the Constitution is being diluted. The Police Authorities who have responsibility to safeguard the public are working against them. They are failing to fulfil their duties as per Indian Constitution. They are supporting actions those are terrorising public.

Recently Manish Gupta a business man with his two associates went to Gorakhpur to see the progress as claimed by the UP Government. To this claim, the posters are also displayed all over in Delhi.

On arrival in Gorakhpur, they booked a room in a hotel for the night. About 12.30 am, the U.P. Police came to their room to carryout investigation. They were completely baffled by their arrival. The police explained that they have been instructed to carry out some checks but did not to find anything.

Manish Gupta did not like in the manner the Police was behaving towards them so he said “why are you treating us as terrorists.” This statement gave Police opportunity they were seeking. Even after knowing that he was from a High caste Hindu family, they beat him so mercilessly that has resulted in his death.

Following his death, the Police representatives are visiting his wife and asking her to drop the charges. They are offering her substantial amount of money and guarantying employment but she insists for proper investigation and wants the culprits to be punished.

This shows that the Police forces are working in conjunction with the Government even knowing that this Government is trying to reinstate Manusmriti that was outlawed because it spread of segregation through castes. Mostly policemen/women serving in the Police are from poor families and as to their financial conditions are left with no choice but to carry out the orders. The Government is taking advantage of their circumstances and the Constitution opposes such gains.

In Uttar Pardesh, a minister’s son is being blamed for intentionally driving his motor over the protesting Kisaans and through this incident unfortunately eight Kisaans have lost their lives. The Government and Godi media are all keeping quiet about this.

The Kisaans (farmers) of Punjab started the movement against the Government when it introduced three farm laws during lockdown, without any consultation or debate in the Parliament. The protest that started about a year ago in Punjab has now spread throughout India and the Government is still holding back from arbitrating the matter because it wants Ambani and Adhani to take control of all the agriculture land in India.

The farmers are not just fighting for their own livelihood but also for millions of other who are dependent on the farmers for their survival. If Hindu Rashtra takes over then automation will be introduced and the Higher Castes will get the opportunities to employment. The lower end of the society will be starved to death and to stop this becoming a reality the 85% have to get together on one platform. Only then this Hindu Rashtra movement can be stopped.

Through Kisaan protests, the Government’s progress in implementation of Hindu Rashtra has slowed down and this in return has made the Indian citizens much wiser to what awaits in store for them if Hindutva takes over.

What is happening in Uttar Pardesh under name of JAI SHREE RAM is indeed scary and this is going to be a norm in Hindutva raj. The Dalit, Sc, St, Adhivasi and Muslims are falling prey to mob lynching and rapes. The offenders are being let loose but the victims are being locked. There is no justice for the poor and this barbarism in Uttar Pardesh is exactness of what was happening during the era of Manusmriti and this is again going to happen if Hindutva takes over.

Following mowing down of the protesting Kisaans, the Supreme Court has stepped in because the authorities even after a filed FIR against the offender, the Police were showing leniency towards his arrest because he was a Minister’s son.

It seems there are different laws for the general public and the ones in authority. The Constitutional laws are same for all but Manusmriti stands in favour of the higher caste Society and this is visible in this and many other arrests. Evidences are present but the Police has made no effort at all to make arrests.

In Hindu Rashtra, the Higher Castes will be able to do as they please. They will be free to do mob lynching, rapes and murders without any fear of being arrested. If anybody complained his or her tongue will be cut. The lower end of the society will have to endure brutality of the rich and this is clearly visible in Uttar Pradesh.

The Mandirs and the Masjids are being knocked down and no arrests are being made. It shows of the confidence the BJP supporters have. They know that they are safe because they under the cover of BJP Umbrella. This type of behaviour worldwide is regarded as terrorism.

Bhagwan Valmiki has given Holy Ramayana to the Hindus and its message to all is to live and let others live. The Ramayana is of much more importance now than it has ever been. Today greed has taken over mankind and he will go to any length to satisfy it.

Protests all over India are ongoing against the Government and pain of millions is being ignored. Over eight hundred farmers have lost their lives and yet their deaths have had no effect on the Government.

Bhagwan Valmiki’s Pargat Divas falls on the 20th October 2020 and will be celebrated worldwide. Bhagwan Valmiki Ji is a highly graced figure in India and his Ramayana is honoured as gateway to eternity.

The Hindus believe as long as Himalayas and River Ganges will exit so shall exit Holy Ramayana.

Chakravarti Rajagopalachari, an ardent freedom fighter, Chief Minister of Madras, Governor of West Bengal, Home Minister of India and first Governor General of India has spoken very high about Valmiki Ramayana. He has stated that whatever may happen to India and it’s politics, the Valmiki Ramayana will always live on tongues of civilised people.

May Bhagwan Valmiki bless all with health, wealth and a prosperous New Year. Diwali starts New Year on Indian Calendar. For peace in India is prayed.

Thank you.
Mitej Teji