Gurudwara is where I get to sit with myself: Mohit

Actors Mohit Malik and Aakriti Sharma.

Mumbai, Actor Mohit Malik recently took his on-screen daughter Aakriti Sharma to a Gurudwara here. He says its the only place where he gets to sit with himself and express his gratitude to God.

The actors play father and daughter in StarPlus’ musical drama “Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala”. They visited the Gurudwara to seek blessings as their characters have finally reunited on the show.

“It was my personal wish that this happens, and I want to take Aakriti to the Golden Temple too. It’s the only place where I get to sit with myself and express my gratitude to God,” Mohit said in a statement.

“I frequently visit the Gurudwara thanking the almighty for everything I have today. I have a lot of childhood memories attached to the Gurudwara and I wanted to create some for Aakriti,” he added.