False narratives must be questioned and responded

New Delhi: National Conference leader Farooq Abdullah departs after the all party meeting on the Pulwama terror attack at Parliament House, in New Delhi, on Feb. 16, 2019.

– Vidya Bhushan Rawat

Can you imagine when a ‘responsible’ number two in this government says that former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Dr Farooq Abdullah was never arrested since August 5th when the state was locked down. The responsible number two said that he was only arrested under PSA when the police filed case and if you have good memory then police booked Dr Abdullah on September 16th, 2019 when the Habeas Corpus  petition filed by MDMK chief Vaiko came for hearing in the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, for Dr Abdullah and all those who believe in human rights and civil liberties the constitution and the court did not come for rescue. It was sad day or I would say dark day that rather than questioning the motives, delays and diversions, the court finally dismissed the petition.
                    The other day, the Minister was speaking at the seminar organised by Human Rights Commission ( and now you can understand how NHRC is made and who head the institutions) when he said that all these rights notions are western and Indians already have everything. We dont need these ‘western’ preaching to us.
                 In the Nagpur headquarter of all the Sanghis, the leader of the Sangh gave details of Indian culture on Dussera day that mob lynching is not the part of Indian culture and is a Western import. His ‘think-tank’ who I dont know he became a ‘professor’ in Delhi University, who appear regularly on Indian TV shows as RSS think tank, suggested that what was the ‘meaning’ of the speech of the RSS chief. Problem is that every time he opens mouth and there are so many ‘experts’ trying to ‘explain’ what he ‘meant’ and this was not like this or that. So, speaking ‘contradiction’ is their favorite game.
                 Back to the issue of Human Rights and Indian culture. I think the Sangh Parivar has never ever raised the issue of the societal violation of the human rights in India. How can you appreciate a culture that degrade actually 20% of its people. How can a culture be great when each ‘caste identity’ consider itself higher than others and divide even the oppressed themselves who are victim of the highest ‘dis(order). How can a culture be great which does not give women equal status. How can a culture be great where superstition are glorified as culture and being justified today as ‘science’. Have you seen any civilised country where superstition is glorified as ‘culture’.
                   The Defence Minister was putting a ‘nibu’ and Om on Rafael fighter planes purchased from France. Shockingly, he was doing it in the French capital Paris. When people mocked at, there were hundreds of ‘experts’ started questioning the motive. I have a simple question though it is hypothetical, very much like what Trump said about Modi, as father of India. Can Trump say anything like that to his European Partner. Can he speak any one as father of America. His only vote bank the hard core church groups too will throw him away for that. Similarly, just for the sake of argument or analysis, imagine, a French Rakshamantri is doing the same after the development of first Rafael. Can French defence minister bring a Father and do a holy communion by sprinkling some water over it and suggesting it is now baptised.   What would have been the reaction. I am sure you would have to look for that in an Magazine called Charlie Habdo who were attacked by the Islamic Jehadis but I can say of the magazine were in India, the Hindu- Right too would have behaved against them in similar way. Now, France is a secular republic and its official that government has no religion in France and it has a historic legacy of French Revolution.  No official ceremony can have a religious connotation in France. They dont have a ‘sarv dharam sambhav’ or ‘Equal Respect to all ‘religion’. I am sure if this were a non globalised France, without any business interest, there would have been louder comments particularly in the media about this but since everything is commercial and business interest hence nobody bother about your stupidities if you are paying hefty sum for the growth of their economy.
                Distortion, deviation are part of propaganda culture that emerge from Nagpur headquarter but now they have mastered the art of building fictitious narratives. It is noto that there is lack of literature exposing the brahmanical values of Sangh Parivar but in the ‘open society’ and ‘technological age’ the propaganists are using money and muscle power to spread false narratives while filtering and blocking the other contents. All the social media big bosses in India are doing this, whether facebook or twitter. The secular, critical content is being filtered and its reach has been limitised while the other fiery contents of the ‘nationalists’ are being put in the domain as usual. Whatsapp has reached inside your mind through these narratives which will only tell you ‘how Gandhi committed ‘suicide’. This not surprising. This is what they are doing and without being apologetic.
              They will shout about ‘deshbhakti’ and ‘rashtrawaad’.. my only request is to those who are interested in data to please do one great thing.. start from Kargil period or 1990 find out who are the people killed on our border, I mean, their state, castes and social background. Please also do another chronological thing. From the same period, make a list of those who are involved in the biggest economic frauds of the country. Find out their state, their caste background.
               Compare the two lists of those sacrificing their lives on our border and those running away with out money. You will get an interesting answer and that only will be the answer to these ‘deshbhakts’.  In the meanwhile, please dont fall in their trap as they wont like you to discuss the bank fraud issues and falling economy. Keep up questioning. Share ideas and never stop speaking. They also need human rights when they are in trouble so we know it well why they hate it today because they dont want any one to question them as they want to enjoy their power and use it to strengthen their economic, social and culture hold on rest of us, particularly India’s huge Bahujan communities.