Election Commission Must Act

– Vidya Bhushan Rawat

The last phase of polling today. The election commission has not brought credibility to its office by allowing Narendra Modi to fully use his ‘personal’ visit to Kedarnath for political purposes. If the visit of the prime minister to Uttarakhand is personal then it can be done with out cameras in your ‘meditation’ cave and if it is official visit then it should have been discouraged.

It is sad that the entire exercise looked rampant communal and political agenda with TV channels going berserk with the ‘yogi’ prime minister.

We hope people will understand that it is important to vote fearlessly and on the issue facing them. The country need a responsible government and member of parliament who dont send them to Pakistan for every question they ask.

We know that from the media is being used unashamedly to influence voters to favor ruling party. Nowhere have we seen spiritualism of an individual being displayed in such a vulgar way just to gain political mileage. Even if I am a non believer yet I do believe there are many noble saints and yogis who live in these caves, do their ‘sadhna’ and and dont need cameras and security all around. Frankly speaking, the entire exercise mocks at the faith they are so proud off.

Election Commission could not stop the media from doing the sarkari seva. Already one of the election commissioner has rescued himself from participation in future meeting because his dissenting notes were not being recorded which is absolutely disturbing. Election Commission should have send a guiding note to electronic and print media as how to report about their ‘exit’ polls etc from today onwards. We know they all in service of the Supreme Commandar and hence will everything to distort public opinion and not only that trying to build up narrative. When the deadline for poll is 5 pm then why the channels are allowed to start their notorious exercise from 4 pm. What is the logic. Why is so much of hurry when we know the election results will be out on 23rd. Cant they wait for some time. Shouldn’t they discuss about the failures of media and election commission to protect the institution of the Commission. Shouldnt we discuss about how we organise the polls and the amount of money being used.

But all those are not concern as ‘elections’ are the best time for ‘journalists’ and ‘media’ to ‘survive’. Except for elections and politics, what does our media do. Does it send a reporter to cover a remote part of the country and bring indepth report of a hunger death or a water crisis or impending disaster due to ‘developmental’ projects in Uttarakhand. No, they wont do it because the funders are the builders and jewelers. Ofcourse, cash transactions during the elections too is high. So much of talk of digital transaction, The fact the party with a ‘difference’ has the largest funds today as it has used its pressure on Industrial houses not to donate the others. So more than 80% funds come to BJP’s pocket and yet shamelessly it claim to be the ‘honest’ party and Chaubes, Dubes, Aggarawals, Guptas, Puris, Kanwals will not even have time to discuss these issues. They will be busy ‘developing’ narrative and suggesting how ‘accurate’ have they been. Media want to celebrate ‘success’ and not question anything related to the ‘success’. The two three days time period should have been used by media to discuss, India’s electoral system, the process, the autonomy, the expenses, social media, campaign and so many things which would have strengthened our democracy but they are in such a hurry to abuse us after all this period thaht they dont even want to wait for the deadline.

Why cant Election Commission ask these ‘mercenaries’ to wait till 8 pm. Why are they allowed to influence voters since the day time.

Let the people decide and hope they decide for the better.

Vidya Bhushan Rawat