Disaster Management is a great challenge for India: Prof. Jagbir Singh

                   The National Task Force for Disaster Management, (a unit of  AIFPDM) DCRUST University, Murthal, Aditi Mahavidalya, University of Delhi and Sri Guru Govind Singh College of Commerce, University Delhi and Delhi Police Transport Wing has organized a one day ‘International Debate on Disaster Everyday- It Happens Everwhere, Preparedness Matters’’.

The purpose of the debate was to spread awareness among the general population about preparedness at the time of disaster or natural calamity. Natural and man-made calamities are causing colossal damage to the lives and properties of human beings. The gigantic damage can be controlled by taking certain steps before and after the disaster. It is often seen that a common man is not aware of his or her surroundings or environments. Through this disaster management Programme students from different universes and colleges were given a series of lectures by the experts and made them aware of the preparedness in advance to prevent massive damage to the human life and property. Students also participated through essay writing and open discussion in the Programme. Experts from the field shared their views and informed the students how to be ready and prepared for disaster management. Human life is important therefore everyone has the responsibility to protect and save the unprepared lives.

This event was organized under the auspicious guidance of Prof Jagbir Singh,  President of National Task Force for Disaster management. Prof Jagbir Singh, an associate Professor currently teaching Geography at Swami Shradhanand College, University of Delhi is an international & renowned expert in the area of Disaster Management. He has written extensively on disaster management and produced a corpus of knowledge, articles and paper on the subject. Prof Jagbir Singh was invited by the United Nations to deliver his lecture at the UN. The chapter working for Disaster Management at United Nations highly appreciated his contributions to saving the world from the destructive impact of disasters and natural calamities on human lives. Prof Jagbir Singh is a consummate orator who beguiles his audience through telling anecdotes.

Prof Jagbir Singh and other committee members have decided to send six recommendations to the government of India on disaster management and prevention of natural calamities.

The prominent guests at the event were: Her Excellency Ms. Katrina Tomokovo, Deputy Ambassador of Republic of Slovak, Prof R. B. Singh, Head of the department Geology, Delhi School of Economics, DU, Sh. Anil Kumar Sinha, former IAS & founder member of Bihar Disaster Management Authority. Sh.  Pragya, ACP. Dr. Mamta Sharma, Principal Aditi Mahavidyalaya.

Ten renowned disaster management experts were facilitated by the Chief Guest, Her Excellency Ms. Katrina Tomokovo, Deputy Ambassador of the Republic of Slovak.

Shail Rajkumar got the first position in creative essay writings in the event.  

     The event was covered by Dr. Rahul Kumar, Senior Journalist, Asia region, the Asian Independent, UK