Delhi’s Moolchand, Gangaram, Saroj hospitals declared Covid hospitals

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New Delhi, (Samajweekly) The Delhi government on Wednesday announced three private hospitals – Moolchand, Ganga Ram and Saroj – will be Covid hospitals but with a number of beds reserved for poor patients there.

The order was issued by Delhi Health Secretary Padmini Singla.

In Moolchand, 140 beds will be available for paid services while 14 beds will be dedicated for economically weaker section (EWS) category patients.

Similarly, of Saroj Hospital’s 154 beds, 139 will be paid and 15 for EWS.

In Ganga Ram, 80 per cent beds are available for Covid, ot of which 457 are paid and 51 is reserved for EWS category patients.

The national capital saw 1,513 more Covid cases on Wednesday while 9 more deaths were reported.