Cong mocks govt health sector as ‘2G – Gobar & Gaumutra’

Former Union minister Kapil Sibal

New Delhi, (Samajweekly) In a scathing attack on the government on the state of public health during the coronavirus pandemic, the Congress alleged that the government failed in providing health care to its citizens.

It said that even the “Gujarat Model” has been exposed.

Former Union minister Kapil Sibal said while addressing a press conference that the government health sector is depended on “2G – ‘Gobar’ and ‘Gaumutra’.”

“Before March 24 whenever there was any discussion on health we only heard about Gobar (cow dung) and Gaumutra (cow urine) their ‘2G’ in the health sector is based on Gaumutra and Gobar.”

“The alliance partner of NDA says ‘Go Corona’,” said Sibal, lashing out at Union minister Ramdas Athwale who was heard chanting ‘Go Corona’ in various videos.

“What kind of scientific thought is this? Is this how we will make ourselves self-reliant? By using 2G which is Gobar and Gaumutra for scientific research? That cannot be the kind of public discourse that we are having,” added Sibal.

Sibal was questioning the government on the announcement of self reliance package and said this is a new slogan. He alleged that 40 per cent of all active pharmaceutical ingredients are imported from China and we have imported Rs 249 billion worth of such ingredients in 2019.