Clipping of elephant crossing track goes viral on Twitter

Caption: Clipping of elephant crossing track goes viral on Twitter.

New Delhi,  A clipping of a wild elephant crossing a railway track after slipping under and over a level crossing, posted by an IFS officer, has gone viral on Twitter.

The post got 642 retweets, 2.4K likes and 43.9K views. It could not be known where the clipping was shot.

In the clipping, the pachyderm first lifts the barrier and slips beneath, crosses the track and then presses the second barrier down with his front leg to move over it.

The forest officer wrote: “Level crossing or the train line won’t stop this elephant to migrate. They remember their routes very well, passed from one generation to another. Interestingly, different techniques at both the ends.”

Twitter users expressed concern over the fact that the elephant could have fallen victim to an incoming train.

One user wrote: “Remember, we have encroached on their territory, not otherwise…”

Another said: “Elephants don’t change routes. But this could have taken its life. We have seen many elephants die due to train hits. How this dangerous precedents could be averted?”

One user remarked: “Thank God… my heart beep suddenly increased… hopefully, no train passes at this time.”

One user had a funny take on the clipping: “In the beginning he behaved like a responsible citizen but in the end like a drunk driver.”