About Us

Samaj Weekly is a leading bi-lingual English and Punjabi Newspaper, having one of the highest distribution and circulation network as compared to any other Asian newspaper across the UK. Based in Birmingham, we cater to more than 4 generations of Asian origin people living in the UK by providing relevant news, current affairs and informative editorials.
Samaj* Weekly stands for Community* as we believe that the world is one community. Since our establishment, we have developed and transformed ourselves as one of the voices of the Asian communities across the UK. To the Asian diaspora, we bring them latest news updates as if they were still in their country of origin. Our local team of reporters and journalist cover all national and local news and events to keep the communities informed and involved; be it events or related festivities. We strive to capture the essence of joy,
happiness and unity in our paper making UK home away from home for our reader.

With the onset of 2016, Samaj Weekly www.samajweekly.com has strategically re-vamped its website and newspaper branding to cater to a further diverse and broader target audience from different age groups, backgrounds, regions, locations, etc. As the times are changing, we at Samaj Weekly are also evolving with the community’s digital requirements and are due to launch our mobile app on IOS and Android platform shortly, thereby bringing the news in the palms of our readers.

News and Feature Content

We pride ourselves on providing up to date news from India and abroad,covering topics from politics, sports, entertainment, fashion and local interest stories.

As a community paper, we provide coverage on UK issues and events relevant to our readership, including community functions and all festive functions.

We actively encourage our readers to participate with the paper, by submitting their own articles, human interest stories, poetry, views and much more.

Target Audience:
Samaj Weekly has an extremely diversified target audience encompassing different age groups, backgrounds and different readership levels online and offline.

Circulation and Distribution
We have one of the highest and constantly growing readership & circulation
network across the United Kingdom, which is 90,000 per issue (fortnightly) and
more than 40,000 visits online in a month. Our readership is the highest as
compared to any Asian news publication across the UK. The newspapers are
circulated for free across all Asian residential and commercial areas,
supermarkets, cafes, restaurants, bus stations, universities, libraries, temples,
community centres, cash & carries, hairdressers, health centres, national
coaches and select railway stations across the United Kingdom.

British Asians contribute about 5% of the total population which is a substantial consumer base that many business corporations can not overlook this niche market platform. Over the years, Samaj Weekly has strategically gained a strong readership that enables businesses, service providers and individuals to reach out across the Asian communities to create awareness and market their products which also benefits our readers.

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 Samaj Weekly fully owned and operated by ‘Samaj Media Enterprise Limited’, Suite 507, Hawthorns House,  Halfords Lans, Smethwick, Birmingham B66 1BB.

Contact Us:

Should you require any further information, please feel free to email us on info@samajweekly.com or call us on +44-121 523 8019 or

visit: https://samajweekly.com/contact-us