A policeman doesn’t need order from ‘top boss’ while policing: Police Commissioner

Commissioner of Delhi Police S. N. Shrivastava.

New Delhi,  With an aim to develop a sense of trust, Delhi Commissioner of Police S.N. Shrivastava on Saturday reached to meet senior cops in the north zone. He also encouraged his juniors with an open heart.

The meeting was organised at the auditorium of Maharaja Agrasen College where Special Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Satish Golcha, Joint Commissioner of Police (North Zone) Manish Kumar and, DCPs, Additional DCPs, ACPs of north range along with SHOs of all police stations were also present.

Around 750 police personnel came to listen and interact with their new Commissioner.

Overwhelmed with the gathering, the new Commissioner interacted all of the policemen without any hesitation and sent a message that he is with them. The main objective this interaction was to established a relation of trust so that when next time the police team go among the people so that Shrivastava’s working style reflect in them.

The Commissioner told the gathering that they don’t need to worry while performing their duty.

“If you have not done anything wrong than you don’t need to be worried. Perform your duty with honesty and labour. The public should witness the exact work of police. They should realise that the police are their friend. Before a proper equation of trust and cooperation between the police and public, predicting a positive result is useless,” said Shrivastava.

The Commissioner further said: “Every policeman is free to take decision within the law. Whatever he thinks is legally correct, he can do. He should take a decision in public interest as per the law without any delay. He should not wait for the orders from any top-boss”. Shrivastava also stressed the need of bringing in a system for lower grade policemen for taking a quick action.

Shrivastava assumed the charges of Delhi Police Commissioner on March 1 and it was his first interaction with the policemen since he took over the reins of the city.

“Beat-system is still the backbone of police. Hence, there is a need to strengthen and pacify it at police station level. We need to keep a close vigil to control street crime. We should implement a plan to reach to the trained criminals swiftly by keeping a close vigil on them. So that people would believe that the police are working,” the top cop said.

The Commissioner concluded his speech by emphasised on the security of women and children. He said, it should be our top priority and if we would be connected to the public it would easy our work.